Miwango 蜜旺果鋪


Our History


來自於台南傳統麵食的製作廠商 全福興 ,歷經20年的成長,從早期傳統方式的環境,以人工的方式一顆一顆製麵,到為因應時代的演進,設立廠房,加強原物料監控和提升食品安全衛生的製程,並將傳統的麵食製作品質取得國際級的食品安全認證

製作品質的堅持,也榮獲台南市政府大台南特色物產型錄以及中小企業處OTOP一城鎮一特產的殊榮,2018年,更是以全台第一家將台南意麵、雞絲麵首次在國際賽事〝食品界米其林〞ITQI(International Taste&Quality Institute)比利時國際食品風味大賽中獲得風味絕佳獎章的製麵廠商,2019年〝食品界奧林匹克〞MONDE SELECTION世界品質評鑑大賞上再度獲得國際殊榮,而獲台南市政府公開表揚為〝台南之光〞

It is believed that many of you have been to Tainan where is so called the gourmet capital. Whenever you visit Tainan, you must have eaten well-known Tainan fried eel noodles, Nabeyaki egg noodles, Misua noodles with oyster, Angelica noodles and other famous Tainan delicacy. Among these famous street foods, one of the most critical noodles added onto these dishes are egg noodles and Chicken instant vermicelli.

CHIUAN-FU-SHING is a traditional noodle maker in Tainan, has been running for 20 years. In the old days, noodles could only be made by hands and made one piece of noodle at a time. As the time went on, we had to set up factories, strengthen raw material tracking, improve the food safety and sanitation process, and obtain the international food safety certification for the quality of traditional noodles production.

CHIUAN-FU-SHING is consistently guaranteed that high-quality noodle production. It was awarded the Tainan Specialty Product Catalogue by the Tainan Municipal Government and the OTOP ( One Town One Specialty of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Department). In 2018, it was the first company in Taiwan whose Tainan egg noodles and Chicken instant vermicelli won an international award iTQi(International Taste and Quality Institute). This award is so called Michelin-starred Food. In 2019, CHIUAN-FU-SHING won another international award MONDE SELECTION award quality label, and was recognized as the “Pride of Tainan” by the Tainan City Government

Our Favourite Recipes