BABO Ergo Chair


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Made in Taiwan

  • Can be adjusted to sit from age 3 to adult
  • Rotation&sliding stopper as safety feature
  • Encourage growing child to sit with correct posture
  • Foot rest
  • Arm rest&seat cover (optional)
  • 大椅墊+大背墊,舒適加倍
  • 椅墊與椅背皆可獨立調整
  • 端正坐姿,保護視力
  • 保護脊椎,舒適腰靠
  • 坐椅旋轉有固定功能
  • 貼心自動坐煞輪功能
  • 可搭配【專屬腳踏盤】
  • 可安裝【兒童扶手】

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