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Made in Taiwan

Desk: G7 Plus-S

Area: 117cm x 75cm

  • Australia/New Zealand imported MDF-P2 board, scratch resistance
  • 0º~50º angle adjuster&dampener installed
  • Stabilus German made gas lift system
  • Including wrist rest ruler&drawer
  • U型雙邊桌設計,增加桌面面積
  • 天然亞光桌面不易反光
  • 紐澳原裝進口MDF P2板
  • 德國品牌STABILUS線拉式氣壓棒
  • 獨家多段傾斜角度掀桌板設計
  • 桌高降低更適合幼童使用

Additional information

Weight 26.5 lbs
Dimensions 127 × 87 × 16 in


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